Graduate Programme in Veterinary and Animal Animal Sciences – University of Copenhagen

KLINIK - Companion Animal Clinical and Comparative Sciences

Our graduate programme

KLINIK covers research topics within the area of Companion Animal Medicine (dog, cat and horse) including clinical, non-clinical and preventive science. Our research focus is on identifying key disease mechanism (patophysiology, molecular genetic and epigenetic mechanisms), validation of comparative clinical spontaneous animal models investigating diseases occurring in companion animals and humans and validation of diagnostic tests and disease biomarkers. Furthermore our research is aiming at investigating rational and realistic therapy initiatives.

KLINIK has collaboration with external national and international partners; universities, university hospitals, smaller and larger businesses and industry.

Head of programme

DVM, PhD and Professor MSO Mette Berendt

Section of Surgery, Neurology and Cardiology, Department of Veterinary Clinical and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen