Graduate Programme in Veterinary Clinical Sciences

The Graduate Programme in Veterinary Clinical Sciences comprises strong PhD research in the area of Companion Animal (dog and cat), horse and farm animal clinical and translational science.

Our mission

We work to improve health and quality of life for animals and furthermore to deliver comparative research that can benefit human health. We do so by conducting research projects, which bring clinical, translational and basic scientists together. 

Our focus

We study disease mechanisms, diagnostics and disease control

  • Identification of disease mechanism e.g. pathophysiology, molecular genetics and epigenetics
  • Studies of animal diseases as clinical models for corresponding diseases in humans
  • Clinical trials and cohort studies
  • Validation of diagnostic tests and disease biomarkers
  • Investigations of rational and realistic therapeutic initiatives
  • Prophylaxis 

Our partners

We have inter- and cross-disciplinary collaboration nationally and internationally with partners at University of Copenhagen, other universities, animal and human university hospitals, industry and private businesses. 

Our platform

Our projects are anchored in the Companion Animal and the Large Animal University Hospitals, including our Diagnostic Imaging and Diagnostic Veterinary Laboratory units, and supported by our management team and dedicated employees at the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen:  

Head of Graduate Programme

Mette Berendt, DVM, PhD, National Specialist, Professor Veterinary Neurology,