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About the programme

The Graduate Programme in Veterinary Clinical Sciences has a pronounced clinical profile and is associated with the PhD School at the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

Our research projects focus on clinical disease expression, disease biology and pathophysiology of diseases occurring in companion animals, horses and farm animals. In addition, we carry out studies characterizing and coupling clinical phenotype and genotype, and investigations of disease biomarkers, treatment and nutritional strategies and prevention initiatives.

The diseases we study often occur spontaneously in both animals and people. Therefore, we have a strong focus on comparative studies and so-called translational models. We have the unique opportunity to study disease mechanisms as they occur naturally (as opposed to experimental animal models).

We produce evidence-based research supported by epidemiological designs and statistical methods, with the aim of delivering results that can promote novel guidelines and practical initiatives.

With our research, we aim primarily to benefit animal health and welfare. However, our results can also have the bonus outcome of translation to benefit humans suffering from similar diseases.